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5 Myths That Are Killing Your Chances of Having Anal Sex

There is a lot of mystique around anal sex. Sopme people will see it as the ultimate sexual experience while others are utterly disdainful of it. The thing about anal sex is that it’s just another type of sex and like blow jobs or vaginal sex, it has its own set of rules that need to be adhered to for you to have a good time. There are rules that are so important for anal sex that they might as well be considered set in stone, but let’s get rid of some of the misconceptions that surround anal sex. If you want to try having anal sex with your affair partners, make sure you try these suggestions first.



4 Tips To Help You Be Great At Finding the Female Orgasm

Everyone is looking for the (seemingly) elusive female orgasm, but most of the time when there are complaints about mastering the female orgasm it’s less about the female and more about the man’s skill. Despite this, there are times when women are unable to achieve orgasm at all.



How to Understand One Night Stands

When it comes to one night stands, the information that we receive about them is a mixed bag. After all, there are many people who would celebrate one night stands, while others see them as the downfall of our society or harmful to those who participate in them. While there are ups and downs to any one night stand, to separate them into categories that are so distinct is a mistake. To try and categorize one night stands at all can be messy since they exist on a complicated spectrum. When it comes to relationships, marriages, and affairs, it can be hard to break something down into black and white, right and wrong.



The Thought Doesn’t Always Count: Disappointed Moms Generate to a 431% Increase in Female Sign-ups on

Mother’s Day 2014 was a huge let down for many moms, despite many a husband’s best intention, with nearly 17,000 women signing up on leading extra-marital dating site,, Monday, May 12th – a 431% increase from the typical Monday. Noel Biderman, CEO and Founder of, explains this surge in sign-ups, “Much like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day is a holiday when women expect to be recognized for all their hard work throughout the year. Moms anticipate their husbands taking time to appreciate all that they do for their families - whether this be with a relaxing afternoon at the spa, or bringing some much needed romance back to the bedroom - moms just want to be recognized for their efforts. When these expectations aren’t met, it can be the last straw that can trigger many moms to pursue an affair.”

Is Hookup Culture A Bad Thing?

We have talked before about the much-overhyped sex hookup culture that we’re all hearing so much about and the reasons for a sex hookup culture vary depending on who you’re talking to. For some people, it’s the lack of time these days and for others, it just seems like a natural progression forward in dating. For some people (generally from other generations), the sex hookup culture that permeates today’s society is a direct reflection of how the moral fiber of any country is fraying. If you search sex hookup culture, you’ll see many explanations for why it exists and the how, but you’ll notice that people have already made their decisions about whether it’s good or bad.



Extramarital Affairs and Cheating May Help You Be More Creative

A new study released by the Association for Psychological Science which was conducted by business processors from Harvard showed that cheating might be a good thing. It depends on what you’re doing of course, but the stigma against cheating is a terrible one.



The Reason Men Should Wear Sexy Underwear

There are a lot of men who seem to have the mindset that the underwear that they wear doesn’t matter. While it’s true that there is a lot more focus on the underwear of women, men need to keep in mind that it’s important for them to have sexy underwear too. If you’re having an extramarital affair, we’re going to assume that most of you knew that you should get some sexy underwear for the occasion. There are other reasons for having sexy underwear other than just impressing your affair partner however.



How to Stop Being Lonely In Your Marriage

Being lonely is not something that anyone can escape. We all get lonely sometimes. It’s a natural feeling that we’re unable to escape, but in some ways, the loneliest you can be is when you are feeling lonely within your marriage. Many people who end up feeling lonely within their marriage wonder if it’s their own fault and it’s not uncommon for a person to blame themselves for the shortcomings of their marriages. After all, the idea of marriage and the way we view a marriage have been driven into our heads from a young age. Marriage is about two people working as a unit and as such, if something is going wrong within a marriage or if a spouse is lonely within a marriage, they assume that something is wrong with them rather than their partner.



4 Ways to Gain Confidence Through Your Extramarital Affairs

We are told that relationships are about being a unit, a functional unit that allows you to act in a certain way, but we’re not told about how important is to make sure that you feel bother empowered and healthy within your relationships. If you don’t feel healthy and empowered within your relationships, then you need to look at alternative methods. These alternative methods might be as simple as having an affair or might be as complicated as deciding that you need to move from the house that you’re currently living in to another one.



5 Signs That You Need to End Your Relationship

Most people have been in some sort of relationship before and whether it’s a friendship, a marriage, or an affair, there are times when we need to know that it is time to pull the plug. We want to look at our affair partner(s) through a better light. Since they’re with us, we try to think better of our affair partners and our spouses. Those flaws that are so obvious to us are waved away because we are in love or lust or some form of intangible emotion that we can’t put a name to.